Art Of Digital Wedding Photography: An Oxymoron?

When you think of art, you tend to think of something original or something that we haven’t seen before. Can this happen in wedding photography, where we are expected to see the same sorts of photos again and again? It can – depending on the relationship the photographer has with the couple and his or her computer program. The art of digital wedding photography is usually well after the actual event.

Type Of Ceremony

Many couples choose to put their own unique spin on a traditional white wedding. Perhaps they decide to skydive during the vows, which can make the art of digital wedding photography a wee bit difficult if you’ve never skydived before. Some couples decide to have a Pagan handfasting ceremony done in the traditional nude. The fad for having a zombie wedding is sweeping America and Europe, where the wedding party dresses up as zombies.

If your couple decides to do something a little out of the ordinary, then this makes it easier for you. All you have to do for the art of digital wedding photography is to make the event as “traditional” as possible. The subject matter will take care of the rest. You still need to check your equipment, lighting and extra batteries, though.

The Species Of The Couple

It’s not only humans that want a ceremony and digital wedding photography review. More and more pet weddings are being arranged, usually as a social get together between pets and their owners. The pet couples are not required to live together and share tax forms after the ceremony. It’s a big costume party, really. But you’ve got to get pictures of this party.

In this sense, expectations for the art of digital wedding photography are pretty low. If you can get a few well-focused shots of the couple in a moment when they are well-behaved, then you’ve done your job. Take as many images as you can, though, to be assured of taking a few that the pet owners will like. If your digital camera has a continuous shoot mode, where it takes pictures every split second for a half a minute, then you can capture some pretty spontaneous events.

Computer Program

For many photographers, the art of digital wedding photography comes in how you manipulate the images in your art computer program after the ceremony’s long over. You can add effects, remove errors and even make the couple look better than they really are.