Digital Wedding Photography Review For Dog Weddings

Hooray! There’s a big party for the dogs in your neighborhood and you’ve been drafted as the photographer. The party for the dogs and their owners is a twist on the ever-popular costume party. This is a dog wedding. Sometimes these are done as publicity stunts and fund raisers, but often it’s just a bit of silly fun. But you are still going to have to run through a digital wedding photography review list in order to immortalize the canine couple for the ages.

Outdoor Setting

Most of the time, dog weddings are set outdoors. This can help make the colors and lighting perfect for your camera. But you should be able to scout the ceremony location even a half hour before hand to help get the best digital wedding photography that you can. This can help you determine where the best lighting is and where the best places for you to crouch are.

Make A List, Check It Twice

In order to help a lot of frayed nerves later, meet with the owners of the dog couple to write down a digital wedding photography review list of any particular shots they want or anyone they definitely want a portrait of. For example, if there is a cake, do they want a shot of the couple and the cake or the cake by itself? This might seem like a silly question for a silly event, but maybe that’s the only shot the owner of the bride wants. After you make this list, make the owners look over your digital wedding photography review shot list.

List For You

You need a digital wedding photography review checklist for yourself before you head off for the happy occasion. You need to be sure you have at least one camera. If you have a traditional film camera, bring it. You can take some shots with it – just in case. You need to bring extra batteries, a light meter (if necessary) and an extra memory card. You need to dress in pants you don’t mind getting ruined and in clean but comfortable shoes. You will need to do a bit of running about, especially if the groom decided to run after a mail truck in the middle of the ceremony.

But the most important thing to pack on your digital wedding photography review list for a doggy wedding is your sense of humor. And having a squeaky toy to get the couple’s attention.