Wedding Photography

Why Wedding Photography Is Important For Your Wedding Day

One of the greatest wedding traditions is the hiring of a wedding photographer to complete a wedding photography package to document your special day. For most people, they will only experience getting married once in their lifetime and they would like to have the memories of the day documented by wedding photography. Having the right person doing your wedding photography on your special day will go a long way towards creating the memories of the day that you desire.

Posed Wedding Shots

Some of the most beautiful examples of wedding photography are the posed shots that are used to document the major players in the wedding party and show how everyone looked on the special day. There are generally several shots of the bride alone in different poses, showing off her wedding dress from different angles and the expression on her face reflecting the happiness of the day. There may also be several shots of the bride and the groom together in different settings and locations to showcase their unity and how well they look together as a couple. In some cases, these posed photographs are taken hours or even days before the actual ceremony.

Some of the posed shots for the wedding photography will be taken either just before or just after the actual wedding ceremony. These photographs include pictures of the bride with her bridesmaids, the groom with his groomsmen, the couple at the altar, the couple with their parents, and the entire wedding party together. Some people choose to have their wedding photography taken before the ceremony so that everyone still is pristine with hair and makeup in place, but some others choose to have the wedding photography conducted in the interlude between the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception.

Candid Wedding Shots

When it comes to wedding photography, many people like to have candid shots of their wedding as well. Photographs of the bride’s parents on the dance floor swaying to a love song or the grandparents of the groom holding hands as they listen to the toasts provide an intimate look into how the wedding of the couple has affected the many people around them. The candid shots may also be of the bride and groom in different positions, such as feeding each other wedding cake, raising their glasses in appreciation of a toast, or gazing into each other’s eyes. Wedding photography is a great way to catch the moments of the day and provide a visual reminder that you can enjoy for many years to come.