Photography Posing Guide For Better Angles And Results

A beginner photographer will have a tough time directing a model to execute great poses in front of a camera. After all, the term “good pose” is very subjective. It means that the models’ presentation is enhanced by the way they project themselves in front of the camera such as their best face, figure, and yet conveying the photographer’s message. Hopefully, with the straightforward and comprehensive steps contained in this photography-posing guide, it can help you produce and communicate posing ideas to your models. This photography-posing guide has other uses, one of which is how to handle different types of portraiture whether it is for a group or an individual.

The most fundamental rule when shooting portraits is to avoid having your subjects look awkward, stiff, or as if they are in pain. The main goal is to make them look natural like they are candidly photographed.

The following is a photography-posing guide for a single person.

Make the model slightly angle their head with their eyes focusing on the camera to avoid making them look wide. In addition to this the model’s shoulder should always be turned at a slight angle. Do not have them face the camera straight on.

If your model is on the heavyset side, do not shoot upwards. Shooting at this angle will only emphasize and enlarge the heavy set of your model. It’s always practical to start by leveling your camera at the height of your model’s chest and then you can work your way up to see what view flatters best.

For family, and group portraits, follow this photography-posing guide.

When dealing with a group, you can create a comfortable looking shot with the use of a prop at hand or when you are outdoors, use a bench or rocks for them to sit on. For everyone’s faces to be seen in the shot, the subjects’ shoulders should turn at slight angle when they fix their poses. Another useful tip is to let the heavier people stay at the back because it gives a flattering illusion and it prevents concealing others from the view. A lot of times, people would inquire as to where their hand placements should be. Tell them to place it wherever they feel comfortable but if they look ridiculous, you can always move them.

You should also check out the other photography-posing guides online so you can have a variety of tips to help you along the way. The best photography-posing guide is to let your subjects look natural so that the portrait would always look great.