Glamour Photography Posing: Making Models Look Fabulous

Glamour photography is often associated with fashion photography by people all over the world. There are times; certain products by companies are also considered glamorous due to the advertising industry’s way of packaging them as such. Before proceeding to the techniques of shooting glamour photography posing, it’s better if you understand the concept first. Glamour photography can be defined as a form of photography that brings out the sensuality and romance of a pose without being cheap, racy and pornographic. Glamour photography may involve some skin or partially clothed women yet it conveys a feeling of art rather than smut.

Now, glamour photography posing requires trust and rapport between the photographer and the model. Some models may not be used to posing for glamour shots so photographers should be very considerate and strive to create a comfortable atmosphere during the shoot. From the start you should communicate with the models what type of poses, dresses they would wear and kind of attitude that you expect from them and if they are not up to the task then better say it now rather than experience your wrath.

The models should comprehend when you explain to them that eye contact with the camera is the key to successful glamour photography posing. You should be able to capture images with different photography posing techniques and concepts such as controlled lighting, composition and exposure. You must also take direction of the photo shoot and be the mirror to your model to tell them what “looks” is good and comfortable in the camera. You may look for glamorous photography posing tips when you run out of ideas or clueless about poses and projections. You can prepare yourself for the next photo shoot by bringing model-posing cards to set the mood for your photo session.

Always remember that the key elements to provide a professional touch to glamour photography are by using apt lighting, soft filters, and clear communication with your models. Glamour photography posing skills can be developed by just adhering to the guidelines. Hopefully, your photos would be considered as work of art and appealing to the eye of advertisers and consumers alike.