Wedding Photography On A Tight Budget

It really costs a lot of money to get married these days. It would also cost much to rent a gown and a tux and it is a bit absurd to have the bride rent the gown she wears on her special day. There are other ways to save on your wedding day. Limiting the number of guests you will invite is okay but that would lessen the fun! Your families won’t be happy if you will just opt to elope and get married in front of a judge.

Since almost 10 percent of the wedding budget goes to photography why not just find ways to save on this aspect of your wedding. Budget wedding photography has been the solution of many couples who don’t know what aspect of the wedding to save on. Check on the following tips below on how you can save on wedding photography.

Have an amateur shoot your wedding. This is the finest idea on budget wedding photography. You probably have a friend of friends who are photography hobbyists and who wouldn’t mind covering you wedding. This could also be free for you. This could be your friends’ wedding present to you. They would probably be thrilled and honored to do this for you.

You will only pay for the printing of the pictures you select. You’re given the right to choose what you want in your wedding album. One way to do budget wedding photography is to compile the photos taken by your friends using their own cameras. This will not only be free but will also give you so many perspectives of your wedding.

You can also try comparing prices of up and coming photographers in your area if you have spare money to spend. You can do this by surfing online and looking at their websites. Collect phone numbers of local photographers and ask about their packages and rates. Those photographers would probably have basic packages which include one album and a set of important events of the wedding. This is a lot cheaper that hiring a well known photographer.

During your wedding having a professional photographer isn’t really what’s important. What’s important is that you enjoy and share the day with friends and family who have helped you as individuals and as a couple. Keep in mind that you have to enjoy your special day and just have fun!