Unconventional Wedding Photography Ideas

Innovative wedding photography ideas could be of great help if you want your wedding to be unique in its own right. Couples seeing original and unique photographs of their wedding will make them want to always look back and go through their photos. Innovative wedding photography ideas will make your day, in pictures, more memorable. Though wedding photographers also have their own creative ideas it still best to discuss your ideas with them. Part of the discussion will be the shooting in black and white, using film photography instead of digital, giving out disposable cameras to friends and family.

Having wedding photos shot in black and white is one innovative wedding photography idea. From the engagement pictures, dressing up for the big day, the ceremony itself, group shots and even the reception caught in black and white will look elegant and very classical. This would be more suitable if your color motif is black and white since you won’t have to regret losing the colors.

The black and white photos make the viewer focus more on the emotion and the people in the picture. It is best to ask the photographer to first shoot in color and then just convert it to black and white during post processing.

Another innovative wedding photography idea is using film photography instead of going digital. Different couples have different preferences: some would want to do it the old school way while some prefers film photography more. Photo shot by film is best of you like your pictures to come exactly as how they were taken. A lot of wedding photographers who are using digital SLRs started with manual SLRs and they usually still keep a few of the film cameras with them. Ask if the photographers still use film photography so you can be sure that you can get what you want.

You can also have the whole entourage take pictures all throughout the day by providing them with disposable cameras. You can ask the wedding party to just leave the cameras after the reception. This gives you many different perspectives of your special day. The eyes of your maid of honor your flower girl and even your parents could show you how your wedding looks like.

This will take you through the journey they also took on your special day. To ensure that the special events of the day still have pictures you can use this idea with a professional photographer still covering the event.

It doesn’t matter what type of wedding photography ideas you have: what matters the most is you are enjoying your special day.