Poses For An Outdoor Wedding Reception Photo

An outdoor wedding with an outdoor reception is a great ending for the several months of work that the couple had to do to reach this point in their lives. It is also a great beginning for their married lives. Getting the right kind of outdoor wedding reception photo is integral to keeping the memories alive and for reminiscing. There are several poses which are great for a memorable outdoor wedding reception photo. Botanical garden wedding photos are can be expected to be very interesting and colorful.

With The Entourage

It is important to have a picture or several pictures of the bridal couple with their complete entourage. An outdoor wedding reception photo of the bride and groom with their entourage is something that can be done easily because most likely the entourage would still be complete at this time. Variations of this outdoor wedding reception photo are to take pictures of each group of the entourage, like the flower girls, the bridesmaids and the groomsmen. The photographer can take the pictures of the outdoor wedding reception outside the marquee or tent where the reception is held. One likely place is under the shade of a large tree of near a body of water (pool, pond or ocean).

The Bride And Groom

Another typical outdoor wedding reception photo idea is to take pictures of the newly wed couple mingling with their guests, maybe after dinner or before dinner is served. Natural, candid shots are great as outdoor wedding reception photos as these show how the couple interacts with their guests and family. The photographer have the option of taking portrait or close up shot of the couple and a particular family member or guest or take an outdoor wedding reception photo of the entire group that the couple visits at their table. Photos of the bride and groom at dinner at their table are also another good candid opportunity to show how the couple interacts.

Other expected outdoor wedding reception photo staples are that of the bride and groom interacting with each other playfully. A photo of the groom sweeping his bride up in his arms or the bride carrying the groom piggyback style across a well manicured lawn are great ideas for a memorable outdoor wedding reception photo. The silhouette of the bride and groom against a setting sun is also another great outdoor wedding reception photo.

There are many different kinds of photo opportunities which come up on the day of the event itself. Photographers need to be able to envision a shot fast to be able to easily predict the outcome of the shot.