Garden Wedding Photo Opportunities

A garden wedding has many different garden wedding photo opportunities which are completely different from a wedding done indoors. A garden wedding photo opportunity is something that the photographer will need to scout out for before the day of the outdoor wedding. In spite of this, the garden wedding photo that the photographer may think great may not be so great after the addition of wedding decorations and other factors such as natural light and colors.

What To Look For

In searching for great garden wedding photo places, you need to be able to visualize what the day would be like. If there are additional arbors or plants and flowers to be put I place during the garden wedding them you need to know where they are most likely to be installed.

Hedges can sometimes work to add a touch of color for a garden wedding photo. It is important to see how high some hedges are because some might completely cover the people whom the photographer is supposed to take pictures of. On the other hand, tall hedges can also act as a doorway where the couple can take either side. The taller hedges can also be a background for the couple or a few of the entourage members. The smaller hedges can also be great as a border or a background.

The arrangements of some plants and trees can also come in useful for a beautiful garden wedding photo. A pathway bordered by large trees or beautifully flowering plants will look great in a garden wedding photo. Some gardens have the aisle as a pathway bordered with small flowering hedges up to a gazebo which can act as an altar. A garden wedding photo with the bride walking up the bordered pathway will look good.

Outdoor wedding reception photos look especially good during the day when the whole layout of the reception is in the garden. A garden wedding photo of the reception will look really nice as the couple walk around each table with their guests seated. Many couples like the idea of having a remembrance of the guests as they are seated while the couple does the rounds, visiting each table. This way, the couple can see who were at the reception.

Garden wedding photos can be beautifully done when the people are gathered together and greet the newly weds. The photographer needs to think up certain poses and mock ups to make the photos convey how enjoyable the garden wedding was.