Wedding Photography: Digital Camera Nightmare

When putting together a digital wedding photo album, not much thought is given to the potential post-traumatic stress disorder that the digital camera may occur. This wouldn’t be for the digital cameras of the present, which have no known consciousness, but for the wedding photography-inflicted digital cameras of the future, if the advanced in AI technology is to be believed. Would continual exposure to wedding photography make a digital camera to become suicidal?

Image Recognition Technology

Digital cameras for wedding photography are already startlingly advanced. In 2007, Sony developed a camera with what they call “smile recognition”. So has Olympus. The camera is made to click as soon as it sees the familiar curve of a smile. There is some debate as to whether the camera is actually recognizing the smile or a human face. The point seems to be moot. The fact that a digital camera can recognize a darn thing is pretty amazing.

Another advance in wedding photography digital cameras is that you can quickly fix some problems with the picture immediately. Currently, these problems include fixing red-eye, cropping, adjusting the brightness and even completely eliminating some people or objects in the photo but an erase method. Part of this fixing is a store of information on what the images are “supposed” to look like.

You Can’t Handle The Truth

If a wedding photography digital camera of the future is used again and again for weddings, will it be able to recognize it? Will it be able to manufacture images of the perfect wedding that didn’t exactly happen but the client would love? If the bride didn’t wear white, would she be wearing white now? Would the groom actually not look hung over? Would the mother of the bride actually look like a human being and not the prize winner in the Godzilla Look-A-Like Contest?

Would the wedding photography digital cameras of the future suddenly realize that what they see is not what they produce? Would they suddenly one day acknowledge that they are beautifying reality because reality isn’t good enough to fit inside the image recognition parameters? Would they then become depressed?

If they don’t, then the odds are that either the photographers will or the couple that is the cause of all the wedding photography digital camera fuss. They might become severely depressed over what really was going on when they took the vows. This could potentially destroy the institution of marriage, which is not necessarily a bad thing.