Do You Need A Professional Photographer For Digital Wedding Photography?

The average traditional wedding in America costs over $4000. In order to avoid putting a damper on the wedding night with the knowledge of how deeply in debt they are, many couple are forced to cut costs as their wedding wherever possible. One of these ways is by not hiring a professional photographer to do the digital wedding photography of the big day. Is this a good idea?

It Can Be A Great Idea

Amateur wedding photography with a digital camera can be an excellent way to not only save some money, but get great pictures of your big day. Unlike traditional film cameras, a digital camera can often take hundreds more images before the memory card is filled. Depending on the camera, you can also edit the messed up shots as you go. If you don’t insist on having a wedding album afterwards, than digital wedding photography can be a viable option.

You can get a wedding album of sorts with digital wedding photography, but it would be a virtual album on a CD. The advantages are that you can easily make back up copies and then store them in different places or give copies of the CDs to your relatives. In this way, if the original wedding CD is damaged, a copy still exists somewhere.

Make Up A Contract

You might have a friend or relative volunteer to do the digital wedding photography honors. If you still want to keep on good terms with this friend, get together with him or her and write up a contract of what you want him or her to take pictures of. You don’t need to get this notarized, but it may be a good idea, especially if your digital wedding photography volunteer fancies himself the next Felini.

Keep Things In Perspective

In digital wedding photography, if you are too close to a subject, then the picture comes out really blurry. Getting too close is also a problem in many other aspects in life, especially in something as emotionally charged as your wedding. Believe it or not, your wedding is not the event the universe was created for. The important thing is to have a good marriage, not good digital wedding photography. Some lousy digital images are not work getting an ulcer over or loosing a friendship. If you didn’t pay for the digital wedding photography, then you don’t have reason to complain.