Capturing Digital Wedding Photography Images For Beginners

Decent wedding photos are elusive animals that you have to stalk with patience and persistence, especially if you aren’t going to get paid to do it. Perhaps you are thrilled with the challenge of capturing digital wedding photography images with your new camera. Perhaps you were hounded into the task by your relatives. Or, perhaps the thrifty couple-to-be got you completely drunk and made you promise to be the one capturing digital wedding photography images of their big day for free. No matter what your reason, here are some tips.

Get It In Writing

Have the happy couple write down a list of what they expect you to take. This is your “least I can do” list and a good guide to help you hunt down your quarry without also hunting down everything else. It is good to get this notarized and signed as well, depending on how well you know the couple. Capturing digital wedding photography images that the couple doesn’t like is a really good way to loose friends forever.

Go To The Rehearsal

If there is a wedding rehearsal, you have to go to it. This is just to let you know how where best to stand when capturing digital wedding photography images. You also might have to do a lot of moving around during the course of the ceremony. Wear comfortable athletic shoes, because you’ll have to do some sprinting about.

Take As Many Images As You Possibly Can

If you have a digital camera, then you are already aware of the dizzying capacity it has for storing images. You need to clear off any images still in the camera and have a clean slate for capturing digital wedding photography images. The more images you take, the more of a chance that there will be at least one that the couple will like. For example, don’t just take one image of the cake – take ten, from different angles. If your camera has motor drive or continuous shooting mode, use it.

A Wedding Is Not Just People

There are a lot of little objects and symbols that make up a wedding. The art of digital wedding photography is finding these little details and taking a snap of it. Two rings on a pillow could be an image. The cake toppers on the cake. The way the light falls upon flowers. All of these could be nice images that the happy couple will appreciate. If not, then at least the task will keep you awake.