Why Use Picasa Web Albums?

Picasa Web Albums is a photo-sharing web tool by Google. In this website, users can upload and share their photos online. People who want to use it only need to have a Google account to get started on uploading pictures online. If you are uncertain whether you should get a Picasa Web Albums account or not, here are some of the useful things that you can do with it that may just help you make up your mind.

First of all, registering a Picasa Web Albums account provides you with 1 GB free storage. Even though it is limited to some extent, that is still a large cloud storage space for your photos. With this website you can backup some of your most important pictures so that if something happens to your storage medium, you still have another copy at hand. Furthermore, Picasa Web Albums gives you the capability of uploading pictures in their full resolution. This is essential as the pictures keep their original integrity.

Another benefit of Picasa Web Albums is that it lets you share photos online easily with this website. With Picasa Web Albums, you can share photos, albums, or even your entire web gallery via email. You can also customize the privacy settings of the photos you upload and choose from private, public in the web, or only those who have the link.

Another useful thing about Picasa Web Album is that you can import a user’s album to your computer if it is public or it has been shared to you. However, you do need to have the Picasa application installed in your computer in order to download the whole album. Besides downloading whole albums, you can also create a collage from photos, make a movie out of them, or print them.

Finally, there are still several useful things that you can do with Picasa Web Albums. You can comment on other photos, add captions to your own photos, and tag people in them. You can also order prints for photos if you want to have a hard copy of them.