Picasa Photo Viewer Features

The Picasa Photo Viewer is an app that is bundled in the Picasa desktop application. It is an alternative photo viewing application that can be used instead of your system’s default one. If you use Picasa a lot especially the Web Albums, it may be a good idea to make the Picasa Photo Viewer as your default photo viewing application. Here are several interesting features of this application that makes it worth considering.

First of all, the Picasa Photo Viewer provides a slick and lightweight interface that is compatible with most systems, even the old ones. Opening a picture with this software will launch it with a translucent background that is very presentable. You can smoothly navigate between photos using the left and right arrow keys in your keyboard. You can also easily skip to another photo within the folder by pressing on its thumbnail on the lower part of the screen. The picture also zooms in and out with the mouse scroll as well as the up and down arrow keys. The smooth and elegant interface of this viewer lets you enjoy your photos more when viewing them.

Another great thing about the Picasa Photo Viewer is that it works great if you regularly use Picasa. The Picasa Photo Viewer features an “Edit in Picasa” button, “Upload” button, and a Star button for your convenience. Of you decide that you want to edit the photograph you are currently viewing, you need not to minimize the photo viewer in order to start the Picasa desktop application. Uploading a picture to your Picasa Web Albums account can be done with a single click. Marking certain pictures for future reference can be accomplished by putting a star on it so that you can easily find it later in the Picasa library. Additionally, you may print or email a picture via the Picasa application, or send an image to your Blogger account, all with this photo viewing software. The Picasa Photo Viewer lets you organize your photos hassle-free with these features.

Finally, you can also launch relevant software like Microsoft Office Picture Manager and Windows Media Center with this photo viewing app. This is convenient as it makes using multiple software really easy.