Making a Picasa Video

Are you aware that the popular photo organization software by Google can now make Picasa video? There are two main kinds of videos that you can make, a regular slideshow video and a face movie. This article will detail how you can create Picasa video using both these two methods.

One type of Picasa video that you can generate is a normal slideshow video that is pretty much like those that you can create using other basic video editing app. To make a new slideshow movie with this, just select the pictures and the video clips that you want to add on the video, in the Picasa library. Then, click on the movie icon which can be found in the buttons at the lower part of Picasa. This will take you to a new movie maker tab. There you can add audio tracks, set video customization options, choose the transition style, add slides, and set the dimensions. Once you are satisfied with the video, click the “Create Movie” button to finish your movie.

The face movie is the second type of Picasa video that you can create. This type of video is ideal if you want to make a special slideshow video of someone using just his or her images. This type of video enables you to generate a slideshow of photos that is centered upon a person which is distinctive for its smooth transitions that are focused on the face, with the help of a facial recognition technology. To do a face movie, you need to pick pictures of the person that you want to dedicate the video to. Solo pictures are preferred to make facial recognition more accurate. Then in the “Create” menu bar, choose “Movie” and press “From Faces in Selection”. This will launch a movie maker tab in Picasa where you can add music to the video, preview the video, select transition effects, and set the video customization options. After you are done editing the video, click the “Create Movie” button.

In addition, Picasa video allows you to easily export the movies that you create in YouTube with just a click of a button. To do so, choose the “YouTube” button instead of the “Create Movie” button after being done with your video.