All About Picasa Web Albums Uploader

The Picasa Web Albums Uploader provides an easy method of uploading pictures in Picasa when using a Mac. It is a good option if you do not prefer to use the web uploader which is only capable of uploading five photos at a time. In addition, Mac users also do not usually prefer the Picasa desktop application as OSX already comes with iPhoto, Apple’s own photo organizing software. The great thing about Picasa Web Albums Uploader is that it supports iPhoto so that Mac users need not to maintain separate photo organization software and still make use of Picasa Web Albums.

There are two means of uploading photos when utilizing Picasa Web Albums Uploader. First is by opening the iPhoto application and selecting an album in it. Then click the “Share” tab and then the “Export” button. Subsequent to that, go to the “Picasa Web” tab and then pick where you want to upload the pictures. Then type in the details regarding the album and click the “Export” button to initiate the upload.

One more means of utilizing the Picasa Web Albums Uploader is through the downloaded software itself. Browse the folder of the photos that you want to upload and select them. Drag and drop the files in the Picasa Web Albums Uploader software and press the “Upload” button once you have decided where you want to upload them. Furthermore, you are also allowed to input captions in the photos before uploading them to the site with this software.

Once the upload is done, you can now see the photos in your Picasa Web Albums account. You may now share them with other people. Moreover, you may also employ the uploader to quickly download whole albums from Picasa Web to your hard drive.

You can get the Picasa Web Albums Uploader in the Mac section of Google. It requires the Mac OSX version 10.4 or higher. The uploader is compatible with early versions of the iPhoto (from iPhoto 4) until its latest version which is the iPhoto 11.