A Guide on Picasa Download

Are you aware that you can do a Picasa download? If you are allowed to view an album or if the album is public in the internet, you may import all the photos contained in it with just a single click. There are two ways to do a Picasa download and this article will show you how to do every one of them.

You will need the Picasa desktop application before you can do any Picasa download. It is a free app for organizing pictures in your computer. It can also do other useful things such as edit photos, create movies, import photos to compatible websites, and many more. All of your Picasa downloads will be automatically imported in this apps library so that you can organize them accordingly.

Once the Picasa desktop application is already up and running, you are now set to do a Picasa download. The first method is by browsing in the Picasa Web Albums website. Browse to the album that you plan on importing to your computer. Then click on “Download” on the menu on top of the thumbnails of pictures in the album page and select “Download to Picasa”.

You may have to affirm to your browser that you really plan on launching the Picasa application. Another dialog box from Picasa will confirm if you really intend to save the album to your computer. Press the “Download” button to initiate the download.

One more method to do Picasa download is via the software itself. Start the Picasa desktop app and go to “File” then select “Import from Picasa Web Albums”. You will then be required to login to your Google account so that it can get data from Picasa Web Albums. Then a dialog box will show all the albums in your account that are available for download. Pick the albums that you want to download and click the “OK” button to initiate the download. While you can only download albums in your account this way, what’s great about it is that it doesn’t download photos that are already in your library so you don’t get duplicates.