Advantages of Photobucket Slideshow

Creating slideshows of pictures of friends and family is one way of presenting captured moments with them. With just one file, you can show various photographs and present it like you are in an office. PhotoBucket’s slide show creator is one tool where you can use to make a slideshow filled with special effects, like style templates and transition effects. Photobucket slideshows are very easy to make and if you happen to finish one slideshow, you will realize it is a great way of sharing memories and experiences. People who are very special to you can relish the experience by just following these simple steps for creating Photobucket slideshows.

The first step is to go to the website of Photobucket. You can do this by pointing your Internet browser and go to the Photobucket homepage. Log in to your Photobucket account by using the boxes located at the top of the right screen.

Once you finished logging in, you can start your Photobucket slideshow by choosing an album for your slideshow. Pick the tab that says “Create Slideshow”. It is located below the “Home” tab. Once you picked the album then you can start the slideshow.

You have the options to design your Photobucket slideshow. Check out the navigation bar on the slideshow page and you can see different categories ranging from “social” to “New Styles.” Each one has different options so it is worthwhile to check them out.

After creating the necessary backgrounds and design, it’s time to pick the photos to be included in your Photobucket slideshow. You can put more pictures in your Photobucket slideshow by clicking the “+” sign. You can put as many photographs as you want. Click the “-“sign if you want some photos to be excluded from your Photobucket slideshows.

Pick the size of your photos by clicking “size” on the navigation bar. You can pick the following options, small, medium, and large.

Once you finish selecting all the photos and picking their sizes for your Photobucket slideshow, the next step is to save all the changes and modifications. Choose a name for your slideshow, and click “Save.”

If you want to share your Photobucket slideshow, you should copy the “URL” code and paste it to your email. You can also share it with other social networks so other people can share the same experiences and cherish those wonderful memories with you.