Digital Photography For Dummies: Tips On Buying Your First Digital Camera

So you want to get started in photography. Maybe you’re interested in getting into photography as a hobby to express yourself or want to be a professional photographer and make a living off of it. For anyone who is interested in getting started with digital photography, the first step of course is to buy a digital camera. This is an investment and you want to make sure that you choose the right camera for your budget and your needs.

There are thousands of makes and models of digital camera to choose from, making it hard for the average person and especially a newcomer to photography to know which to choose. There are certain features to look for on a camera which will help you decide which is best. The best place to start is with your budget because you need to know how much money you’re willing to spend to help narrow down the selection. You also need to consider the features offered by any digital camera.

The amount of megapixels offered is important but certainly not the most major feature to take into consideration, even though some people assume so. Around five megapixels is really all you need because any more than that and your pictures are just going to be taking up a bunch of unnecessary space on your memory cards and computer. Always check to see which if any extras are offered with purchase of the camera. For instance you may get a memory card, carrying case or tripod included when you buy a camera and for the right price this will be a better deal than just buying a camera alone.

It’s always best to choose optical zoom on a camera over digital zoom. There are two different types of zoom which are optical zoom and digital zoom. There is optical zoom and digital zoom, the latter which should be avoided because optical zoom allows you to zoom in more clearly on a subject and have it larger without looking pixilated and blurry. Always save yourself grief by reading reviews before investing any money on a digital camera.

These are reviews given by past consumers, shoppers just like you, who have purchased and used a camera you’re interested in. You can find thousands of reviews online and get a much better idea of what the different cameras have to offer. Check for warranties and return policies before buying a camera. Even though the price of digital cameras has dropped tremendously since they first came out, this is still an investment and all digital photography for dummies advice will tell you that only by following these important steps can you be sure to choose the right camera for your needs.