Creating A Wedding Photo Album

If you just got married, were married many years ago, or want to do something special for a friend who just got married, think of putting together a wedding photo album. A wedding photo album idea is a great idea for an anniversary gift or simply something to put your own wedding photos together in. You can put in any photo or incorporate almost any idea into your album. You can do ceremony wedding photo and wedding reception ideas and photos in your album. Whatever idea you have, you can make a wedding photo album from that idea.

Scrapbooking Your Album

One of the most popular wedding photo album ideas deals with scrapbooking. Scrapbooking of yesteryear has been replaced with elaborate designs, cut outs, prints, and albums. The same can be said for wedding photo album ideas. People no longer want to just put their photos in an album and call it finished. Instead, brides and grooms want a piece of art to show their friends and family. This scrapbook is a great wedding photo album idea. If you go to any department store, you will easily find at least an aisle or two devoted solely to scrapbooking. If you go to a larger arts and crafts store, you will find even more scrapbooking supplies. There are so many supplies out there that you may even get overwhelmed with this wedding photo album idea if you are not careful!

The key to making scrapbooking work for your wedding album is sticking to the mantra that less is more. An overwhelming page will be filled with cut outs, stickers, pictures, frames, and more. A nice scrapbook page will have two to three pictures, a cut out, maybe a few stickers, and a nice background. That is all you need for this wedding photo album idea! Do not go overboard or else you will only make it look tacky.

Captioning Your Album

Another great wedding photo album idea is to caption your album. There are countless albums sold with premade places to write captions in for each picture. Some come vertical with the lines on the side to write, while others come horizontal with the sides on the bottom. When you purchase an album like this, you can write an explanation for the picture, who is in the picture, or a funny caption for the photo. This is a great way to remember who’s who at your wedding, and what exactly they were doing when the photo was taken!

When you put together a wedding photo album, take the time to make it truly unique and about you and your special someone.