Creating A Unique Wedding Photo

A wedding photo is something that you will look back on for many, many years. This photo or set of photos will represent your entire wedding day and will evoke many different memories. You want your wedding photo to represent you and your fiancé as well as the specific wedding that you are having. As such, you do not necessarily want a traditional wedding photo. Instead, you want to think of a unique wedding photo idea to make your wedding photos creative and unique.

Including Your Family

Some of the most cherished wedding photos are those of families. Ideas for a wedding family photo are many, but there are several interesting and unique wedding photo ideas that you can come up with that incorporate a family picture as well. In fact, a wedding is one of the best times to take a family photo because, for the most part, your family members will be dressed up and dressed to impress. If you want a unique wedding photo idea with family, think of arranging your family in a humorous way, if you want to be funny. Or, you could go from tallest to shortest like you were sitting on stairs. There are countless unique wedding photo ideas for you and your family—you just have to choose one!

The Bride And Groom

Another unique wedding photo idea has to do specifically with just the bride and the groom. There are many different ways to make your bride and groom photo unique and interesting. First, you could do a variation of the funny cake topper where the bride is dragging the groom behind her. A real live version of that certainly would be a unique wedding photo idea! Second, you could do a take on any famous picture of a man and a woman. A deadpan comedic and unique wedding photo idea would be to parody the famous farmer and his wife painting. Third, you could do a “Men In Black” type picture with dark shades on and bad “boy” looks. There are countless ways to make your bride and groom photos unique, funny, and interesting!

Unique And Elegant

If you do not equate unique with funny, you may still be trying to come up with a unique wedding photo idea. Do not worry—you can be elegant and unique at the same time! Ask your photographer about backdrops to turn your traditional photos into unique wedding photos. You could instantly transport your entire wedding party to the beach or a snowy winter meadow with a backdrop!

Whatever you decide, know that you will be looking at these pictures for the rest of your life. So make them the best they can be!