Working Your Pictures with Picasa and iPhoto

Some Mac users may think twice about using Picasa with iPhoto. The Picasa Web Albums is ideally utilized with the Picasa desktop application which is free for download. However, the OSX already comes with a similar photo organization software called the iPhoto. Using both Picasa and iPhoto seems pointless since they do the same thing. The good thing is you may still utilize Picasa with iPhoto without having to install the desktop app, through Picasa Web Albums Uploader for Mac. This article will help on how you can do it.

The first thing that you have to do to use Picasa with iPhoto is download the Picasa Web Albums Uploader for Mac. You may get it at the Mac section of Google. After installing the software, you may now synchronize your iPhoto with Picasa. To upload pictures from iPhoto to Picasa, choose an album, select the “Share” tab, and hit the “Export” button. Then, look for the “Picasa Web” tab and select whether you want to upload the photos in a new album or an existing album. Then enter a name for the album (if you decided to upload them in a new album) and select the privacy setting for the photos you are uploading. Finally, click the “Export” button to finish the upload.

Once the upload is finished, you can now see the pictures from your iPhoto in your Picasa Web Albums account. After that, you friends can also view these pictures if you share them the link to your album. You may also tag people to your photos, add captions, or add a location.

You can also employ the Picasa Web Albums Uploader for Mac to import entire albums from Picasa to your hard drive so that you can include them in your iPhoto database. This is useful as it further enhance the compatibility of Picasa with iPhoto.

Bear in mind the Picasa Web Albums Uploader only works with OSX version 10.4 or higher. Also, the uploader is compatible with the old versions of iPhoto as early as iPhoto 4.