The Basics of Picasa Mobile

If you frequently use Picasa and is often on-the-go, Picasa mobile is a great tool that you can use for accessing Picassa Web Albums through your smartphone. There are four kinds of Picasa mobile application that you can utilize which is based on the device that you own. You can get Picasa Mobile for your iPhone, S60 phones, and Windows Mobile. Furthermore, Adroid phones that are version 2.1 and above are also bundled with a native Picasa mobile app. Here are some relevant information regarding these mobile apps.

The Picasa mobile for iPhone is actually a mobile web version of the Picasa Web Albums which can be accessed by going into the Picasa website. Upon going to the website, you will immediately see all of the albums that you have uploaded. You are allowed to zoom in and out of photos and read the comments in it. You may also view you friends’ albums, search for pictures, and view a slideshow of your photos.

You can also obtain Picasa mobile on Nokia S60 phones. This version of Picasa is also specially optimized layout that fits these types of phones.

It also provides a toolbar that is really easy-to-use. In addition, it works with up to 36 languages so that you do not have to switch your account to English in order to correctly view the interface.

Windows Mobile also features its own Picasa mobile version. Similar to other Picasa mobile versions, it allows you to view your pictures correctly on a phone that has a Windows Mobile OS. But what is distinctive about this particular Picasa mobile is that it is supported by Google Gears for mobile which enables you to use the app even when you are not connected to the internet.

Lastly, there is the native app of Picasa mobile in Android phones that are version 2.1 or higher. This is the only Picasa mobile lets you upload photos to the Web Albums from your phone. You can also use its Web Album Sync feature that can automatically acquire photos from your Web Albums to your gallery.