Picasa Photo Editor Basics

The Picasa photo editor is a feature that is bundled with the Picasa desktop application. You can utilize it do conduct simple fixes on pictures that are stored in your hard drive to make them look better. In addition, these edits are really easy to do so inexperienced users will not have problems using them. If you wish to learn how to use the Picasa photo editor, here are a few things that may be worth knowing about it.

There are three kinds of fixes that can be done on the Picasa photo editor. The first category is the basic fixes.

In this section you can find the most common things that you edit in a photograph. Here you can crop a photo, adjust the fill light, straighten a photo, add and edit text, repair red eye, retouch blemishes, and fix contrast and color. Pressing the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button will automatically adjust both color and lighting easily. Furthermore, clicking the “Edit in Picnik” button will upload the picture you are editing to the online photo-editing website.

The second category of fixes that you can do with the Picasa photo editor is the tuning. This section lets you manually adjust the fill light (again), color temperature, highlights, and shadows. You are also allowed to choose a neutral gray or white part of the photo to omit color cast with the neutral color picker. And similar to the previous section, it also has a one-click fix for color and lighting.

The final category of fixes in the Picasa photo editor is the effects. This section includes all the editing features that are employed for creative ppurposes. Here you are allowed to sharpen the picture, add a graduated tint, transform it into sepia or black and white picture, add a focal black and white effect, warmify to boost skin tones, add a filtered black and white effect, add film grains, add a glowing effect, add a tint, add a soft focus effect, and increase the saturation. Keep in mind though that not all effects can be used simultaneously.