Wedding Photography Posing: Covering Nuptials Professionally

In a relationship, marriage is one of the most important stages. It is where two people make a covenant before God and men that they will stay together forever in sickness and in health. While the couple to be has a long journey ahead of them, it is always best to give them a great start during their wedding day. It is your task as a wedding photographer to record this special event by taking picture of special moments and memorable events. Here are some suggestions that would make your wedding photography posing special.

The Bride:

Since this day is the “bride’s day”, she is the most important subject of your photographs. On wedding photography posing, it is essential to pay specific attention to details like the stance of the bride, the flow of her dress, and even the littlest of things. To make the bride the center of the universe, take a lot of pictures of her, make her stand at a slight angle to the camera and have her head tilted and turned towards the camera. Try to make sure that her poses are not stiff by curving her arms and wrists and make flowing movements to add grace to the photos.

Memorable wedding photography posing shots of the bride include her preparing in front o f a mirror, riding the bridal car, and walking the aisle carrying a bouquet of flowers.

The Groom:

Essentially, the groom is easier to shoot this is why you need to give more focus on the bride. The groom still need his pictures to be taken, the ones that he is enthusiastic in preparing for the event would surely make the bride to be happy. The traditional wedding photography posing for the groom includes his father and him sharing tips on how to make this special day, extra ordinary. You must also take pictures of the groom with his best man and entourage. One of the most special moments in wedding photography posing is to capture the groom’s anticipation for the bride’s arrival.

The Guests:

Wedding photography posing of family and friends is another standard in wedding ceremonies. The couple also want to keep for posterity sake the memories of the people who showed up and be witnesses of their covenant of love. If it is a small crowd, you can always grab the opportunity to ask the couple to walk to every table and take a group picture.

If you have used up all your ideas you can ask for suggestions from the couple and their families if they want anything new for their wedding photography posing.