Posing Photography Styles For Newborn: Beginner’s Guide

For a new mother, the best thing a mother can do is newborn photography, that is to capture the special moments of the newborn child. Babies also radiate the miracle of life, innocence, peace and fruit of love. As a beginner you should focus on your own style of photography whether it is families, seniors, babies or newborns. A way to improve your craft is to start taking pictures of babies, and here is a guide on how to take newborn photography posing and styles.

There are three things you need to know when shooting infants in their first few months. First, pose them. Newborns do not move a lot that’s why you need to do most of the posing for them. There are different newborn photography poses you can use, such as laying them on their tummies, curling their legs, or use swaddle blankets. No matter what pose the baby does, they look cute, just add a little brilliance and creativity to make the ordinary, extraordinary. The second tip in newborn photography posing is similar to that of snipers surrounded by enemy fire, keep on shooting. Shoot at every angle; do not stop even if the child moves from his or her position. Some shots would turn out better than the ones that are planned and staged. Third, you can be resourceful and creative by adding props and other stuff to the photo shoot and take advantage of the natural light to add more brilliance to the pictures.

The most popular newborn photography posing style is called clean and classic. It is also preferred by photographers because this is a simple shoot wherein the baby is naked and may be on top of a blanket or a bean bag. The newborn baby’s beauty is captured and can be recorded as posterity.

One newborn photography posing style uses the environment in their photo shoot. The environmental style is often held at the client’s home specifically at the baby’s nursery. Photographers find this style easier considering the baby is in his or her familiar surroundings, and they can use different props to make the picture more special. It also makes the photos more personal and meaningful to the parents. Lighting the photo shoot is one of the environmental style’s concerns. The environmental style can incorporate the third newborn photography posing style.

This last newborn photography posing style incorporates the baby’s parents and some props. Photographer props are utilized in this style of newborn photography posing, such as bowl, wrap, chairs, baskets, and of course the infant’s parents. Although the parents are part of the picture they are not the subjects, so it’s better to tell this to them. So you can concentrate on the baby’s poses and not the parents.