Advancements in technology has surely introduced modern innovations in photography. For example, manual cameras have now been mostly replaced by digital cameras. Also, cameras were also installed on cellphones for easy picture taking. In the past, photos were only developed in black and white or sepia but we now have them in colors. Cameras no longer have films nowadays but they instead have memory cards where the images are safely kept.

Photos play important part of our lives. They are seen everywhere as they are used in different advertisements, in magazines, in newspapers, in books in bags and in flyers. It is highly possible that you’ll be greeted by a picture as you enter a hotel lobby or when you visit your friend’s house. Aside from that, pictures are also commonly displayed and hanged on building hall, walls and corridors of various offices or hospitals. Aside from that, various government offices also display the photo of the current president or their immediate department head.

One can not avoid collecting pictures of family and friends in different occassions and putting them into an album. Taking pictures on occasions like baptisms, marriages, graduations, reunions, first communions and other events are really important. The birth of a first baby, for instance, is a moment that’s worth-cherishing for many years and so taking pictures should be important. Unfortunately, some were born when these things aren’t popular yet, so they have nothing to show, some were lucky, they have them in their albums. Other than that, some fans also love keeping framed pictures of their favorite actors, actresses and other idols.

Recent developments over at Phillips have also made it possible for us to get new photo digital frame options instead of the old albums we are used to. With the use of this space-saving, clutter-free gadget, eliminating your albums can already be done. It is time saving as well because it takes you out from selecting and inserting them in the album. Developing pictures have become optional and you can skip the process if you want. Just insert the memory card of your camera on it, plug it, then start to reminisce!